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"An Infernal Heritage"
Documentary - 82 min.

A movie about descendants of nazis who converted to Judaism and decided to live in Israel

A movie by Marie-Pierre Raimbault and Michael Grynszpan

Produced by Bonne Pioche

Soon broadcast on France3 television

A certain number of Germans and Nazi descendants have a specific link with Israel. Some of them live in the country. Others stay in Europe but have converted to Judaism and others converted in the Holy Land and are living there. They have adopted its precepts, some wear a yarmulke, are married to orthodox Jews, and their children go to yeshiva, the religious schools.

These people were not born at the time of the Shoah and they have no reason to carry the weight of their ancestry. So why did they decide to convert to Judaism? Do they feel responsible through their heredity or not? According to Judaism, there is a possibility to change the world from bad to good, even bad things that happened in the past, and it is called "tikun" in Hebrew making amends or reparation. So is it the case here? Is it a "tikun" or out of guilt or responsibility?

This film is largely based on the characters' introspections. These "sons" of Nazis are taking us with them into their everyday lives private, professional, social and religious.

Duration : 1 h 22 mn

Authors : Marie-Pierre Raimbault & Michael Grynszpan

Directors : Marie-Pierre Raimbault & Michael Grynszpan

Year of Production : 2010

Production : Bonne Pioche Télévision

Diffusion : France Télévisions / France 3

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