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"The Road to Jenin"
Documentary; 52 min.

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The road to Jenin is long. But the road back to the truth is even longer. The truth needs to be told and the facts need to be said.

"THE ROAD TO JENIN" reveals the true story of the events of Jenin in April 2002 during Operation Defensive Shield. The producers, Michael Grynszpan (IsraTV) and Pierre Rehov, address the Palestinian false accusations. Grynszpan believes that it is time to set the record straight. "The world needs to see what really happened there. There was no massacre."

This enlightening documentary establishes clearly how were planned, in advance, the false claims of a massacre committed in Jenin by Tsahal.

Furthermore, the documentary shows how the international community was wronged by a Palestinian scheme.
Opening scene: the bloody terrorist bombing of Netanya on Passover Seder which killed more than 20 Israeli civilians. Some men attempt to wash away the river of blood. A woman has lost her husband, her daughter and her son-in-law. In order to put and end to a chain of terrorist violence, the Israeli government launches Operation Defense Field.

Interwoven interviews and archive footage recount the events of the battle of Jenin - soldiers slide through narrow streets, facing enemy fire. The fighting was harsh.

In the last section of the film, the film director, Pierre Rehov, travels to Jenin to interview Palestinians to get their side of the story - but Palestinian were caught in their own lies. For instance, a Palestinian journalist was caught staging a woman giving birth at a checkpoint. Or a Palestinian doctor shows a wing of the hospital that is suppose to have been destroyed by Tsahal. Despite the tense atmosphere and the constant danger, Tsahal soldiers assist Palestinians civilians. One soldier opens a can of food for an old lady who blesses him. A few other soldiers bring boxes of food to a Palestinian family and children.

According to the UN, the Palestinians losses amount to 52, 40 of whom were fighters; whereas the Israeli Army, Tsahal, lost 23 soldiers. Not even close to the Palestinians accusation of a massacre.

"THE ROAD TO JENIN" was aired on the Israeli Channel One on Prime Time.

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